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Butter Hill Residents Association – What is it and why join?

Who we are?

Residents Associations are not-for-profit Community Group organisations. 

Butter Hill Residents Association are a group of residents who contribute their time and effort on behalf of the Butter Hill Community to improve the neighbourhood and it’s available resources.

Being part of a Constituted Group gives us access to Community Funds and Resources we wouldn’t otherwise get, for example:- 

BHRA Committee

The BHRA Committee is made up of 3 members dedicated to the Community and seeking to improve our environment and facilities. We hold regular monthly meetings on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 8pm (All members welcome to attend). We work on projects and apply for funding to improve facilties in the area. See our What's New and What's Next to see what we have achieved so far and what we are hoping to achieve in the near future (visible to members only)

Pam Marsh - Chair

Chris Dance - Treasurer

Lynne Keane - Officer

The Neighbourhood Grant 

Last year this funded our Community Noticeboard – Provided by Sutton Council.

This year this will fund our own AED Machine – Provided by London Hearts.

Event Fees and Charges Grant

To fund 2 Community Events per year.

Other Resources like training and help from Community Providers

Subsidised or in some cases Free like the First Aid Training Course some of attended (Other courses are available).

The training I received from E-voice to build the Butter Hill Community website and use Voice website platform. 

Community Action Sutton provides help and support to Community Groups.

Why Join?

In order for the Residents Association to have access to these resources and many more it needs your support. You don’t have to attend lot’s of boring meetings just one AGM and the occasional General Meeting.

The Committee hold monthly meetings 2nd Thursday of every month which all residents are welcome to attend if they wish.

What is important is to receive suggestions and feedback from you via social media, email, verbal or through our new website about things that can benefit the whole community.

Complete a Membership Form Today (link below) and join us. 

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Thank you

Butter Hill Committee


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